Introducing Healing from the Break, The Frum Divorce Blog

front-pagaeDivorced? Looking for some handholding? We’re here to help.

Divorce is tough. Especially in the frum world, divorce is a shock to the system, throwing us into the vast unknown. Where do I go first? How do I navigate my new reality? There’s so much to learn and assimilate.

While there are many resources out there to help the frum divorced person, we don’t always know where to turn. The rest of society proceeds at its merry pace, busy with homes and spouses and children, and we’re consumed by legal issues, visitations, and money woes —not to mention trying to run a home singlehandedly. The articles and resources on this site are here to help move beyond the pain and come out on the other side, stronger, healthier, and more whole than you ever were before.

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