Healing from the Break: The Book

HealingfromtheBreak RENDERHealing from the Break, a ground-breaking new anthology on divorce for the frum public, has just been released by Menucha Publishers. Edited by Avigail Rosenberg, it contains powerful essays and informational articles relevant to divorced men and women, their family and friends, and children of divorce.

 A must read for any frum person touched by divorce!


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Healing from the Break gives those touched by divorce the opportunity to connect with others facing the same upheavals in their lives. Read the personal accounts of men and women who have experienced divorce firsthand: Parents facing visitation challenges and legal battles. Grandparents enduring the pain of their adult children’s turmoil. Children of divorce, caught in the cross fire; grown and still struggling to maintain a sense of normalcy.

This ground-breaking anthology also offers astute advice and practical tips from Dr. Meir Wikler, Dr. Miriam Adahan, Rebbetzin Faigie Horowitz, and others. It includes chapters on:

  • dealing with former in-laws
  • making remarriage and blended families work
  • coping on Shabbos, yamim tovim, and at family simchahs

Each story is unique, yet each shares a common thread — that no matter how difficult a situation may be, how deep the pain and suffering, there is always room for hope and healing.


“This book…is inspiring, encouraging, and realistic. I…recommend it both to those who have actually gone through a divorce and to those who want to interact properly with their [divorced] friends and acquaintances…”

— Rabbi Zev Leff, rosh yeshivah, Yeshiva Gedola Matityahu

Healing from the Break…offers inspiration and practical advice in a sensitive manner… Everyone can benefit from the wisdom, encouragement, and compassionate discussions that are found in its pages.”

— Rabbi Dovid Hochberg, LCSW-C, director, Maryland Counseling Network


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